IsoDim Help Temperature in tanks module


This module is used for computing temperature increase/decrease in storage tanks over time


You have to select one out of three basic shapes for the tank.

Calculation criteria

Two different calculatins can be performed:
  1. Temperature change during a given storage period is calculated
  2. The time until the content reaches a given temperature is calculated
In addition the initial media temperature (at start of storage period) has to be given.


The inside measurements of the tank should be given (to get the correct media volume).


Three properties for the media/fluid used are needed: Density, thermal capacity and freezing point. The droplist contains properties for a selection of fluids.


Description of the conditions around the tank. Ambient (surrounding) temperature and wind speed (for outdoor installations) has to be given. Average values for the storage period should be used.


Select an insulation product from the droplist. One of the standard thicknesses for the product can then be selected in droplist below or you can select and enter a user defined thickness.

Facing (outside surface)

This section sets the emissivity of the outside surface of the tank. The droplist contains typical values for different materials.


There's one table showing the calculated results. When the storage period is given (criteria 1) a graph showing the media temperature during the storage period is also shown.