IsoDim Help External condensation module


This module is used for finding the needed insulation thickness to avoid condensation on the outside surface.

Calculation type

You have to select one out of six categories. In pipes the media is some kind of fluid/gas, in ducts it is always air.


When calculating the external heat transfer coefficient the orientation of the pipe/duct is needed.

Facing (outside surface)

This section sets the emissivity of the outside surface of the insulated and uninsulated pipe/duct. The droplist contains typical values for different materials.


Use the outside dimension of the pipe/duct (without insulation).


Description of the conditions around and inside the pipe/duct. Ambient (surrounding) temperature, air humidity and media temperature are used in all calculations. For outdoor conditions the wind speed also has to be given. In this module the conditions should be set for a 'worst case' (i.e. the conditions most likely to cause external condensation).


Select an insulation product from the droplist (the necessary thickess will be calculated).

Calculated results

Results are shown in one table, two sets of values are shown, one for the needed calculation thickness to avoid condensation and one for the closest standard thickness for the chosen insulation product.