IsoDim Help Frost protection module


This module is used for evaluating the risk of water freezing in pipes. It is assumed that the water is not running.


When calculating the external heat transfer coefficient the orientation of the pipe is needed.


The start temperature of the water in the pipe should be given. In addition the allowed freezing degree of the water is needed.


Use the outside dimension of the pipe (without insulation). The wall thickness of the pipe is also needed to calculate the water volume.

Facing (outside surface)

This section sets the emissivity of the outside surface of the insulated and uninsulated pipe. The droplist contains typical values for different materials.


Description of the conditions around the pipe. Ambient (surrounding) temperature is used in all calculations. For outdoor conditions the wind speed also has to be given. These values are normally 'worst case' winter conditions.


Select an insulation product from the droplist. One of the standard thicknesses for the product can then be selected in droplist below or you can select and enter a user defined thickness.

Calculated results

Results are shown in one table, showing the time until water starts freezing and then the time until the given freezing rate is reached.